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Les Femmes et la Ville : histoire des femmes à Marseille des origines à nos jours

Les Femmes et Marseille

Card Game

« Femmes de Marseille des origines à nos jours »

Card Game

Exhibition containing 45 panels (30x42cm)

  • 42 panels with illustration and text
  • 3 panels (presentation, rules of the game, summary)
  • 1 panel (60x80cm) presenting the 7 families of women

The exhibition shows the 7 « Families » of women illustrating « Women of Marseilles from its foundation to the present day », created by the historian Hélène Echinard. This game offers an opportunity to discover the contribution of women to the history of France's oldest city and the participation of a number of Marseillaises (native or migrant) to the city's fame.

To celebrate equal opportunity for women, two Marseilles associations, Forum Femmes Méditerranée and the Association les Femmes et la Ville offer you a pleasant and instructive way to highlight the place of women in the city, for so long neglected or consigned to obscurity in the past.

Card Game

To cover the 2600 years of our history, we begin with the founder Gyptis whose card introduces the family of « Symbolic figures ». The « Commitment and Politics » family reminds us of those women who made a major contribution to Marseilles' political life, such as Louise Michel, Mireille Lauze, Germaine Poinso-Chapuis or Lucie Aubrac. Another family recalls the « Working Women » symbolised by the famous Fisherwomen.

A number of prominent Marseilles personalities agreed to be included in the game: Edmonde Charles-Roux, one of France's leading authors.

Fun to play and packed with useful information and illustrations the game is particularly good for children and adults of all ages. The exhibition is a larger version of the game and can be used as a teacher tool or as a backdrop for other historical activities.

The Exhibition is available from Forum Femmes Méditerranée
for a nominal fee of 100 € per week

The deck of cards
« Femmes de Marseille des origines à nos jours »
is on sale for a price of 10 €.

Forum Femmes Méditerranée Offices are located at:

74, rue Longue des Capucins
13001 Marseille
Tel : 00 33 4 91 91 14 89

To contact the Association les Femmes et la Ville:

Cité des Associations
Boîte n° 124
93, La Canebière, 13001, Marseille